The Different Types of Skiing

In the past, skiing is a term that is used loosely in order to refer to the act of travelling through snow with the use of two long boards. However, recently, there have been several innovations introduced as skiing is being recognized as a sport, in some places, their ski parks are becoming a major tourist attraction. If you are a beginner and you would like to know more about this snow sport, you have a good reason to keep on reading the rest of this article as it will identify some of the most common types of skiing.


Freestyle Skiing

This is one of the most common types of skiing and is generally a combination of the other types of skiing. It is commonly done in a terrain park specifically designed for skiing, wherein you will find different obstacles. The latter will test the ability of the skier and will showcase one’s tricks. With a history dating back as early as the 1930s, a variety of transformations have been apparent in this kind of skiing, especially in various sporting competitions.


Cross Country Skiing

This is also popularly known as Nordic or X-Country skiing and has also an extensive history, which is said to have been practiced back in the time wherein there were still fewer options when it comes to transportation.  In fact, based on historical accounts, it started in 6300 BC. There are two different styles of this skiing. The first one is the classic style, which involves gliding and straight ahead movement. More so, the second type is the skating style, which is differentiated by its V-shaped glide and is almost reminiscent of ice and roller skating.


Downhill Skiing

Also called Alpine skiing, as the name implies, this type will require you to go downhill, wherein fixed-heel bindings will be used. In order to get on the top of the hill, mechanical assistance, usually in the form of lifts, will be required. This is because the equipment you will use will not allow you to walk comfortably, especially as the climb will be uphill. This will require you to effectively use your turns in order to move from one direction to the other.


Aerial Skiing

With the use of a special ski that is also known as twin tip, this will generally require you to go down a hill in the absence of using ski poles. This is not an ideal type for anyone who is just learning the basics of skiing because of the complicated technique. Typically, you will need to perform gymnast-like stunts, such as twists and somersaults, among others.



Technically, this is not skiing but this can be considered as a type of downhill skiing. A single wide platform is the main equipment that is used and you will need to cruise down a hill with the use of such. Many ski resorts have recognized the popularity of snowboarding, which is why they have constructed terrains specific to such.